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Pena Law Group, P.A. conveniently has offices in Central and South Florida to help with all your legal needs. We are equipped with a dedicated staff to guide you through the legal process and answer all your questions. Our goal is to help you and provide personalized representation while obtaining the maximum compensation.  We represent clients throughout all Florida and provide free consultations. We also speak Spanish. Call us today to see how we can help you!

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Accident Attorney

Pena Law Group, P.A. exclusively focuses on workers' compensation claims, personal injury claims, and insurance claims. We believe in the importance of fighting for your rights and obtaining maximum compensation.

No Out-Of Pocket Cost

You pay nothing unless we win for you. We will always fight to obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf.

Experience and Advocacy

Pena Law Group, P.A. has successfully represented those injured with their claims and cases utilizing extensive knowledge and experience coupled with strong empathy and a zealous advocacy for all clients.

Workers' Compensation Claims

Most Florida employers are required by state law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation is intended to provide an avenue for workers’ injured on the job to get compensation for their injuries, regardless of fault. The system is also intended to not only provide you with medical benefits, but pay you lost wages and pay your unpaid medical bills that are a result of your accident. Unfortunately, the process can be more complex than expected, particularly when there are questions about whether an injury arose “during and out of the scope of employment,” whether there are allegations of drug or substance use, or when there are third parties involved. We are experienced to handle all types of workers’ compensation issues and will zealously fight for your rights.

Personal Injury

 A personal injury lawsuit provides a way for an injured person to receive compensation for losses caused by the negligence of another, whether as a result of a slip-and-fall, auto/car accident, or other type of negligent act. When an act results in an injury that results in a loss and it was due to the intentional or even unintentional negligence of another, Pena Law Group, P.A. is here with a dedicated team ready to vigorously go after those responsible for your injury. Our goal is to obtain meaningful and maximum compensation for our clients that covers every aspect of the damage and loss created by the injury. If you have sustained personal injuries as a result of any type of accident, contact us to be your accident attorney.

Insurance Claims

Whether you’ve been paid for your claim or not, call Pena Law Group, P.A. to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Our law office handles a wide variety of insurance claims and has helped many clients receive the compensation they deserve from insurance providers. Too often insurance companies fail to hold up their end of the bargain, but remember, you are entitled to compensation much more often than you might think. It is always worth it to challenge the insurance company and make sure you’re getting properly paid.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Personal Injury Protection (PIP), also known as no-fault coverage, is required for all owners of motor vehicles in the state of Florida. PIP benefits cover medical expenses related to a motor vehicle accident up to the first $10,000.00 incurred. This is regardless of fault. However, (not so surprisingly!) many insurance companies either wrongfully deny or underpay PIP claims. We are experienced in obtaining benefits for wrongfully denied or underpaid claims on behalf of our clients, with penalties and interest!


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